About Our School

Our Preschool Community - The Community School of SAU 50 is a wonderful preschool and day care experience for children ages 3-5. Our program embraces developmentally appropriate activities, and hands-on learning to encourage young children's social, physical, and cognitive development at all stages. Through this child-centered approach, children of all abilities and ages develop understanding of early literacy, mathematics, and science concepts and skills while working within collaboration with their peers. The Community School of SAU 50 is designed as a multi-age inclusive environment for all children. The curriculum provides many opportunities to explore the issues of diversity in the context of individual interests, abilities and characteristics.

Program Philosophy - The Community School, administered by the Community Child Care Center of Portsmouth, believes that all children, no matter their ability or background, has the right to high quality early learning experiences. Children grow and develop in an active environment designed to enhance self-esteem. Young children learn best through play, and that play creates a love of learning that will last a lifetime. Teachers address social, emotional, physical and cognitive needs of the developing child. Through positive interactions will peers and caring adults, children develop social skills and self expression. Teachers foster friendships and empathy among children. Children are given many choices throughout their day, which promote initiative, autonomy, creativity and self confidence.

A Cutting Edge Model - The Community School is a cutting edge model born out of the latest evidence that indicates that children learn best through a community of peers and cognitive, physical, and social role-models. This model benefits the child identified with special needs by allowing her to participate in a typical preschool program while receiving intensive academic, occupational, physical, or speech therapies and benefiting the modeling of behavior from age group peers. Similarly, the "typically developing" child benefits by developing motor, speech and cognitive skills in new and alternative ways while creating social bonds with children of all abilities.

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